Monster and Lady

I was looking through folders of my old works and I forgot I even have this! It's the Monster again... but the lady in red isn't Carmilla (obviously xD). I was just drawing random characters ^^;



Five minute coloring practice. Even when I'm suppose to be resting I still have time to do this xDDD. Aughh I hate being sick and bedridden. T^T..... Ohhh, Ignore the guy who looks like Alan Moore ;p


Poe Tribute

For the 160th anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's death....
Rest in Peace, Mr. Poe :D


Team ArtSpice

Me, Dado and Maya as Ninjas, led by Moku Sensei.
Damn you, Naruto Shippuden marathon!!!!!!! xDDDD

Oh yeah, just reposted this from ArtSpice c: