Mock Cover


Just showing you the steps... I drew this with Brush, ink and watercolors, and then I colored it in Photoshop. My drawing techniques are pretty basic, huh? :D



This is an ooooold Meet the League comic page. But I'm not going to post this as a part of the actual comic. I did however included this and mostly my old MTL art in the sketchbook section. Yes, I made a sketchbook section on the site. Please go and check it out :]


Some Sketch stuff

So last night I've been sketching. I haven't drawn any decent ones for weeks. The sad thing is, my scanner is broken so I won't be able to show much of my traditional stuff, including my watercolor paintings.
I did managed to scan these two:

I really like messy drawings... there's this primal feel in the pencil strokes. Anyway, I don't have a story for her yet, but I'm really fond of illustrating this Samurai girl character. You've seen this gal before here and here. I think you'll see more of her in the future. ;)

Aaaaand Papess Lodovica from the Italian comic Sky Doll. I really love this character... I don't have reference, so I'm not sure if I drew her right though. ^^;


Monster and Lady

I was looking through folders of my old works and I forgot I even have this! It's the Monster again... but the lady in red isn't Carmilla (obviously xD). I was just drawing random characters ^^;



Five minute coloring practice. Even when I'm suppose to be resting I still have time to do this xDDD. Aughh I hate being sick and bedridden. T^T..... Ohhh, Ignore the guy who looks like Alan Moore ;p


Poe Tribute

For the 160th anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's death....
Rest in Peace, Mr. Poe :D


Team ArtSpice

Me, Dado and Maya as Ninjas, led by Moku Sensei.
Damn you, Naruto Shippuden marathon!!!!!!! xDDDD

Oh yeah, just reposted this from ArtSpice c:



Illustration for Vathek, a short novel by William Thomas Beckford. Seen here are Nouronihar, Carathis, and Caliph Vathek :D.
I recommend reading it, folks!


Comic drafts and whatnot.

Some old drafts for my comics. I didn't finish the colors on the bottom left panel tho and I need to work on the lighting because I'm not the best colorist :D. However, I am planning to officially update my League comics. Prolly October sounds good :D


King Pest

King Pest by Edgar Allan Poe. Just back from Manila after a loooooong bus ride gaaah. Now I have a stiff neck D:




Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.
Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.
Strawberry Fields forever.


Birdy and Fairy

My gift for Maya. Dado and Bo already have gifts for her and both are really cute. (boy, she'll be surprised ;D). I decided to draw her fairy and birdy character ;D

Happy Birthday! ^,^



Playing with inks. Haven't done this style of inking in a while :D. Didn't finished Carmilla though, so this goes to my indefinite WiP bin xD


MTL: Studies

Once again, perfecting my Meet the League characters :D
So anyways, I'm inspired again after reading LoEG whoopeee xD

I really need to fix Dupin more.

The Monster is currently my favorite character. Why? It's because he's so fun to draw! Lookit that machinery ^,^

*Oh yeah, I'm so excited to watch this movie. PLZ CLICK ME*
Call me a crazy fan but I've been waiting for this movie since last year!!! *melts*



Ariel, no reference, aaand she has bigger boobs here. I was just playing around with MSPaint, idk :D

*UPDATE July 28, 2009*

So I drew a quick one at school today.

Why do girls love mermaids anyway?

Lady Medusa

Never EVER let yourself be caught by this hair.

xD I was thinking of drawing Gypsies and Voodoo witches but this came up. In fact, I was just copying an older drawing...

I think I'll use the designs for a character hmmm :D. Watcha think?


Rorschach's Journal

Other than angst, what else does Rorschach scribble on his journal? ;)
A quick Watchmen comic. Yeah, I drew this last year. Been busy lately so I can't work on anything new baaaauuuuuuggh!

And I really need a new scanner. O:


John and Yoko


Having been John Lennon obsessed for the past few months, I am bound to draw a tribute :D. Damn that Yoko. Hmmm I might do the Two Virgins sometime....

Oh, and I also found this little Beatles gem while browsing youtube some weeks ago. I know most of you haven't seen this vid before so check it out peepz, they're so funny and cute!



Half of the first part of a book cover commission for Andrew Villar completed! :D Oh, yeah, hooray for pinkness! ...and owl purses xD

That's pretty much it. I won't reveal anything more! :D


Trese :3

I had nothing to do so I sketched a few fan arts for Sir Budjette and Sir Kajo's comic Trese. The first one is an original sketch comic about a teenage Alexandra, but I soon dropped the concept. After all, Sir Budjette already wrote a similar arc ;).

She's a cool character. To be honest I find it quite challenging to draw her devil's haircut. And eveything else, for that matter ;p. Ah but it never hurts to keep trying.

That's enough for now! On with my comics! XD


Carmilla Karnstein

Here are some designs for Carmilla Karnstein, a perky vampire character from my webcomic Meet the League.

And Dupin ;)
Check out the full comic here


MTL: The Monster

Yes, I posted this already on ArtSpice!, but in case you missed it I'm going to post it here again :D. The Monster is a character from my webcomic Meet the League.

Think of Pinnochio, My Fair Lady and Edward Scissorhands and that's roughly how I characterized him.

Bukod sa ibang characters, sya rin ung favorite kong drowingin hahahaaaaa (LOL nagtagalog bigla)