I know, I  know. You're getting tired of seeing this character... But c'mon, drawing her is a stress reliever! :)



Again, another early morning sketch. You can never go wrong with pirates!


Fishnet and, oh yeah... Steampunk.

I drew everyone's favorite perky vampire wearing lingerie + fishnet stockings. I kinda noticed most of my art involving MTL has this eerie Rocky Horror vibe to it :p. It's probably just the fishnet and corsets... and the camp mad science-y thingee...and it's also probably going to be a musical.

I'm serious.

Also after waking up this morning I thought of re-designing an old character, the steampunk chick I drew way, waaay back, a gazillion blog posts ago. Her name is Anastasia, to the curious folks. And yes, I drew inspiration from disco.

By the way,  another random philosophical question: Personal tumblr artblog, yay or nay?



Something a bit more contemporary.
I like the style of Alternative Comics :p


Flower girl

Can't decide whether to make her a red-head or a brunette, but I decided to make her a red-head anyway. Probably inspired by Audrey Hepburn/My Fair Lady lol!
Cuteness, ahoy! 


Miss Rita

A pin-up for High Society, an alternative history/steampunk comic book I collaborated with Paolo Chikiamco. :) You can find the details of the comic here.



I drew this lovely Edwardian gal using some old black crayons. Yeah, the same crayons kids use/eat xD


MTL: Carmilla/the Monster

Doodlin' my Meet the League characters for fun. I haven't drawn these guys in a while!



Another Legend of Zelda fan art (I love that game!) :)... Though I'm not really sure if I got her dress spot-on, I think my version looks OK.


Kokiri Boy

Ocarina of Time is probably one of the reasons why I love the Zelda series. It's just right for me to make a fan art! :)



I'll be updating this blog frequently now, dear readers. I gotta catch up with five (?!?) months of lost bandwith time! .......Of course if I'm gone again, I'll probably be deep in the woods, plotting World Domination, lol.



Just a few personal designs from a new concept I've been obsessing about c: ...

Hey guys! I'm so totally glad to be back... and with a decent internet connection, yaay me! And I've been writing a 200 page comic too, mostly War of the Books related (I've mentioned this comic before, remember?)

I'll keep you updated with sketches and designs! :)