New design for Clarita

She looks better with short hair, doesn't she? Tell me what you think!

Since I'm going to work on "Wooden Wings", you'll probably see more concept art of the comic book here in the following months ... here's hoping for more feedbacks to improve my work! :)


There will be... fan art

Characters from the web series There Will be Brawl. I thought it would be fun to doodle them... seriously, this Smash Brothers fan film brilliant... and it totally ruined my childhood forever D:


Early Wooden War concept art

Some early concept art for "On Wooden Wings" featuring the characters Clarita and Nur. I'm posting it here because I'm going to have show you new versions of their designs later. :)


Unfinished Zelda fan comic

This is suppose to be a fan comic for Ocarina of Time and I don't think I can finish this anymore. Buuuuut it'll be a waste if I don't show it to anyone. Also it's Navi's story... (yes, THAT Navi.)


My steampunk comic on Wired.com

Great news everyone! The steampunk comic book I collaborated with Paolo Chikiamco has been featured on Wired.com! Free copies will be available for download at a limited time. So for anyone interested (steampunk aficionados, history and myth geeks... you know who you are!), here's your chance! :)

Here's the Link to the site: http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2012/10/free-graphic-novel-high-society


My Fair Lady

Having fun with colors :)
Just looking at her clothes makes me want to sweat. Seriously =/


Classic Zelda

Because I LOOOVE the Zelda games and I can't stop making fan arts! Anyway, this is my own version of Princess Zelda's classic look :D



Just trying on Adventure Time's style for fun. Alas, I failed miserably :p



Internet connection is back so that means I'll be posting frequently again... JOY! Oh hey, anyone else excited about the new Les Miserables movie? :D



Hi everyone! How are you all doing? Haven't updated this blog recently because I don't have an internet connection at home. First time I actually uploaded my art in a cafe! Also I'm busy with other comic book projects but I'll try to update my blog once a week.

Hope you're all doing fine though. :D



Concept art for Penny inspired by mermaids. I'm currently developing two comic stories for this character :)