Elphaba and Galinda sketch

I have not seen the actual broadway musical...but I have listened to the songs :D

Here's Elphaba and Galinda:
I used a reference here if you noticed ;)


Pirate gal sketches

It's been a while since my last post! KK, here are sketches of pirate girls inspired by a LOT of piratey stuff...
It's been a busy week so far..I've been working on our animation short Dixie Texas (which I wrote and designed!). So far the progress is good. I'm willing to share the finished short once it's done ^_^



War of the Books: Studies

More War of the Books guys :D
Arthur Clay... (I think matagal pa bago ko actually ma perpekto ang character nya...^^;)

A few studies for Emma Rycroft's hair...
And Finally, I finished a sketch for a friend.


Steampunk sketches

LOL. These are a bunch of Steampunk character sketches for a comic collaboration with my friend ...and I have to admit this kept me occupied for days! :D

Woot haha! Here's the sketch for the pirate Queen (or whatever she is, I dunno...). (Which I just copied and pasted from the skech on top, lazy me :P). She looks like Esmeralda for some reason... meh, I'll just have to tweak her features a little bit.....

My own re-imagined version of Doctor Frankenstein and his monster. Old funny sketch lurdeedaaa~...

And here's the Pirate Queen again.....wearing her non-pirate dress.

I need to fix my lines! >_<

Dixie Texas

Yay! Another post on my not so frequently updated blog!!! LOL. I just want to show this to you:

She's an old Western/Steampunk character for our storyboard project when I was in 2nd year Digital Animation. It's Mucha inspired sans the Art Nouveau filigree and "vector-ized" :D. You don't know Mucha's art you say? Eto lang naman o:

I love his lines, colors and eveything xDDD. I guess my biggest influences these days are the Art of Glen Keane, Genndy Tartakovsky, Bruce Timm, Al Hirschfeld, and Alphonse Mucha.

Wala lang......^-^


LOL. "Vector"ians

Ah, but he looks confused there because I forgot to add texture on the book ;P. Aaaaand here's another one for practice...

I seriously need to stop drawing vectors :P
Characters (c) HKBuena


El Slump-o

Just trying to develop my character.Arthur :D

AAARGH! I can't use the pen tool to save my liiiiiiife!!! D:
Oh, and I'm trying to free myself from the clutches of a villainous Art Slump! ARGH! D:

OK, last time I go to battle against old Slump-o.


Breakfast with a Buncha doodles

Audrey Hepburn from A Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired while listening to Henri Mancini ;)....I'm on a retro hype recently but then again I decided to play around with a few of my War of the Books characters just for the fun of it xD.

...I just love the good ol' Storybook/watercolor effect! :D


New Chara

I just find him sooo adorable!

New Character from my comic (you can see what I'm talking about on my dA gallery :D). Argh, I'm heavily into the pencil these days so I'm taking a break awaaay from the tablet xD


Introduction :D

This is my first time here in Blogger so I guess a little Introduction is in order. :D

I’m hanime87, an aspiring comic book artist, animator and cartoonist. This blog will be my database for most of my artworks, in short, a little corner of my universe!

Please enjoy the artworks that I’ll be posting soon.

- Hannah