MTL: Studies

Once again, perfecting my Meet the League characters :D
So anyways, I'm inspired again after reading LoEG whoopeee xD

I really need to fix Dupin more.

The Monster is currently my favorite character. Why? It's because he's so fun to draw! Lookit that machinery ^,^

*Oh yeah, I'm so excited to watch this movie. PLZ CLICK ME*
Call me a crazy fan but I've been waiting for this movie since last year!!! *melts*



Ariel, no reference, aaand she has bigger boobs here. I was just playing around with MSPaint, idk :D

*UPDATE July 28, 2009*

So I drew a quick one at school today.

Why do girls love mermaids anyway?

Lady Medusa

Never EVER let yourself be caught by this hair.

xD I was thinking of drawing Gypsies and Voodoo witches but this came up. In fact, I was just copying an older drawing...

I think I'll use the designs for a character hmmm :D. Watcha think?


Rorschach's Journal

Other than angst, what else does Rorschach scribble on his journal? ;)
A quick Watchmen comic. Yeah, I drew this last year. Been busy lately so I can't work on anything new baaaauuuuuuggh!

And I really need a new scanner. O:


John and Yoko


Having been John Lennon obsessed for the past few months, I am bound to draw a tribute :D. Damn that Yoko. Hmmm I might do the Two Virgins sometime....

Oh, and I also found this little Beatles gem while browsing youtube some weeks ago. I know most of you haven't seen this vid before so check it out peepz, they're so funny and cute!



Half of the first part of a book cover commission for Andrew Villar completed! :D Oh, yeah, hooray for pinkness! ...and owl purses xD

That's pretty much it. I won't reveal anything more! :D


Trese :3

I had nothing to do so I sketched a few fan arts for Sir Budjette and Sir Kajo's comic Trese. The first one is an original sketch comic about a teenage Alexandra, but I soon dropped the concept. After all, Sir Budjette already wrote a similar arc ;).

She's a cool character. To be honest I find it quite challenging to draw her devil's haircut. And eveything else, for that matter ;p. Ah but it never hurts to keep trying.

That's enough for now! On with my comics! XD