Trese :3

I had nothing to do so I sketched a few fan arts for Sir Budjette and Sir Kajo's comic Trese. The first one is an original sketch comic about a teenage Alexandra, but I soon dropped the concept. After all, Sir Budjette already wrote a similar arc ;).

She's a cool character. To be honest I find it quite challenging to draw her devil's haircut. And eveything else, for that matter ;p. Ah but it never hurts to keep trying.

That's enough for now! On with my comics! XD


Maya said...

cutest and coolest version of trese xD

Budjette said...

Hi Hannah!

The sketches and the pin-ups look great!

Hope if it's okay that I include them in the EXHIBIT 13 site :)

Can you email me the art you posted here?

Especially the close-up of Trese and the one where she's skulking around with the Sinag :)

Many thanks!

budj @ rocketmail .com

trese_komix @ yahoo.com

Dado said...

holy... you didn't tell me close din kayo ni budjette?

Hannah said...

Maya: Hehe tenk you!

Sir Budjette: It was a pleasure illustrating Ms. Trese! Oh, and already sent you the email ;)

Dad: LOL I'm a fan of his!

Dado said...

aren't we all? :B great job!