Some Sketch stuff

So last night I've been sketching. I haven't drawn any decent ones for weeks. The sad thing is, my scanner is broken so I won't be able to show much of my traditional stuff, including my watercolor paintings.
I did managed to scan these two:

I really like messy drawings... there's this primal feel in the pencil strokes. Anyway, I don't have a story for her yet, but I'm really fond of illustrating this Samurai girl character. You've seen this gal before here and here. I think you'll see more of her in the future. ;)

Aaaaand Papess Lodovica from the Italian comic Sky Doll. I really love this character... I don't have reference, so I'm not sure if I drew her right though. ^^;


Dado said...

aww I want my own skydoll too. btw you should watch surrogates. :]

Hannah said...

Bruce Willis film ba? I saw the trailer... it looked pretty awesome. Hahah meron kayo?

Maya said...

pappess looks like ginger! xD

Hannah said...

She does look cat-ish :D