Ok so I recently discovered Les Miserables the musical, damnit I feel live I've been living inside a rock for a long long time. I think this character is recocgnizable but I think she ought to look a little paler... :P. 

Anyway I'm having a MAJOR block. Can't draw or write anything decently... And I'm stuck at work! T.T Can anyone help me out so I can get back on track?

BTW,  I'm going to Komikooo~n yaay


Anonymous said...

I'd send a dirigible around with a long cable to aid in a work escape; but given I'm in Australia it _may_ take some time.

gothicspork said...

I haven't read Les Miserables' story but I love their songs. I'm surprised that you of all people have only recently discovered it XD

Btw, see you at Komikon maybe? My firend and I are fans your style. Hehe

krissthebliss said...

Nice desgin ats!!!

Hannah Buena said...

@colinmo: BAAAAAUUUUGH* thanks anyway xD

@gothicspork: I know! I mean I've listened to the songs before but I was never really interested in the musical until now. I so sloooow xD

I won't be selling anything at the komikon though. But I'll be meeting other artists... I guess I'll see you there c:

@kriss: Thanks! c: