For fun. :)


ScotlandBarnes said...

Weird indeed. Cool sketches though regardless.

J. R. said...

Nice youkai sketches :) The lonk neck woman has always given me the willies :o The one in the back, the woman cut in half with demon wings, is she a soul in penance or another youkai?
The character at the bottome center begs the question: will we see more of your league in the future? ;)

Also, nice to read you'd be a kind ruler ^_^

Hannah Buena said...

Hello again J.R.! Glad to see you often on my blog :)

The woman with the demon wings is a "Manananggal" a creature from Filipino folklore (she's a lot scarier too!). I think wikipedia will give you a more detailed information on that.

Yes! I think you'll see more of the League. I mean, my interest on them is still very high. Although right now I am working on my OTHER comic, so I haven't been focusing on it lately. Anyway, we shall see ;)

J. R. said...

I like to interact a bit with the bloggers I follow ^_^

Thanks for sharing the info ;) I'll look into the Mananggal's background then. I love learning about fantastical creatures from all over the world.

Ah, then draw away! I think I speak for all who know your work when writing that, whatever you share will be welcomed with enthusiasm ;D