Fishnet and, oh yeah... Steampunk.

I drew everyone's favorite perky vampire wearing lingerie + fishnet stockings. I kinda noticed most of my art involving MTL has this eerie Rocky Horror vibe to it :p. It's probably just the fishnet and corsets... and the camp mad science-y thingee...and it's also probably going to be a musical.

I'm serious.

Also after waking up this morning I thought of re-designing an old character, the steampunk chick I drew way, waaay back, a gazillion blog posts ago. Her name is Anastasia, to the curious folks. And yes, I drew inspiration from disco.

By the way,  another random philosophical question: Personal tumblr artblog, yay or nay?


Maya said...

Yay! :D

Dado said...

Uh nay for me. Why? The purpose of having sites etc are for audiences and I'm pretty sure you have LOADS of audiences here and DA not to mention the lurkers. That's just my opinion ha? Wla kasi ako tumblr and if you DID make one, I'm gonna be compelled to make one just to follow you~ :D you know that proves how devoted I am to your work.xD

gothicspork said...

Tumblr's a nice place to get exposure since it's so easy to share stuff around. I'm sure a lot of people would reblog your stuff. Although I dunno if you've been warned but browsing tumblr is addictive. So many blogs that match your interests @_@

I don't mind if you don't since it's easier to keep track of your blog on google reader XD

Hannah Buena said...

I have a blog at tumblr for two years now, no posts though. I still can't decide what to do with it at the moment...

But thank you for your suggestions! :)